Carbon 2,147,483,647 Hevelius

The 2,147,483,647th clone birthed from a tank on his homeworld, Carbon shares the narcissist, alcoholic traits that make his branch of the human evolutionary tree so ripe for pruning. After an incident on his home planet in which [REDACTED], he has set off to win the regard of the rest of the galaxy by proving himself in the 8965th annual space race.

Hævnen ”Sophie” Sauvegarde

Carbon’s first recruit. Sophie is an engineering whizz, thanks in no small part to her education at GEC, the Galactic Engineering College (graduated with a 2:X). From the distant system of Cassock, she bears on her cheeks the telltale sparkling silver filigree of a techmesh (alas, too small to see at normal resolutions), allowing her technopathic communication with AIs.

Scintillant Asterion I.V.



Anser-class converted transport junk ”Unnamed”

Carbon’s ship, converted to allow use of a solar sail in racing. Manufactured by the now-defunct Levels Skying Corporation, the Anser-class transport junk was an attempt to create an elegant, aesthetically pleasing craft for the style-conscious freight hauler who didn’t care that the cargo hold’s capacity was practically zero. Since this market was exactlyzero, only a handful were made before the company’s assets were seized and sold. Upon purchasing the Unnamed at auction, Carbon had the hold converted into a combination bar/mirror museum.

Though still equipped with her old chemical rockets, the Unnamed has been modified to stretch a solar sail taut between her ’wings’, allowing her entry into the free-for-all Formula Four division of the Space Race.